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  • cathode stripping (single sheet and enveloped)
  • anode preparation
  • anode scrap washing
  • tankhouse cranes
  • tankhouse management system

Robotics – New Developments in Copper Stripping Technology

XT combined the operational know-how from both the KIDD and ISA PROCESS™ to improve the stripping process. A fundamentally new stripping concept was developed and a prototype mechanism was tested manually for an extensive period. The final stage in development was to automate the new concept, and robotics proved to be ideal.

Robot technology is not new to XT. The KIDD PROCESS introduced robotics in 2003 for handling copper sheets and cathodes. The machines have demonstrated high reliability and very good operational flexibility. The new XT robot stripping machine extends the use of robotics from material handling to the stripping function as well. A prototype has been installed at the CRL refinery in Townsville with excellent results. The challenge for XT's engineers and robotics suppliers was to develop and program robots to accommodate the many and varied forms of copper cathode that can be expected in tankhouse operations. As any operator knows, it isn't the 'average' cathode that determines the stripping rate, it is the rare 'problem' that needs to be handled efficiently.

Machine Concept

The new machine combines the successful functions of existing XT machines with new features to improve stripping. Flexing rams are still used to release the copper deposits from the stainless steel cathode, but now a 'pre opening' device is used to ensure separation of the copper and the mother blank. The stripping function is now performed by robots designed with a proprietary wedge tool at the end of the robot arm. The wedge tool has been designed to slide between the released copper deposit and the mother blank to prevent scratching of the stainless steel mother plate, and then 'down ends' the copper to produce individual sheets of copper. This combination greatly improves splitting and separation with minimal deformation of copper sheets, even where lamination has occurred and with no impact on the stainless steel.

The prototype continues to be used at CRL in Townsville, especially to strip copper that cannot be handled by the conventional down ender stripping machines. The new robotic stripping technology is efficient, reliable and robust, and can be designed for low and high capacity automatic operation.

Current System - Material Handling

  • proven systems in operation
  • high flexibility and reliability
  • accurate and smooth positioning
  • low maintenance.

New System - Robotic Cathode Stripping

In addition to the traditional use of robots as a material handling solution, ISAKIDD Technology is now taking one step further - copper stripping using robots.

  • suitable for both enveloped cathodes and split sheets
  • fully automatic systems with capacities from 150 to 700 plates / hour
  • less operator input required when stripping poorly grown cathode copper
  • all benefits from existing systems
  • patented robotic stripping