​ISAKIDD Technology is focused on delivering quality products and services to its customers whilst continuously working on technical innovations and development to address the changing needs of the market.

We have successfully maintained ISO accreditation since 1993 by intergrating quality management principals into our planning and operations.

During the years, both the ISA and KIDD PROCESS have undergone continuous improvement and today are regarded as the benchmark technologies for high intensity copper electrorefining and electrowinning operations.

Both technologies have been refined and improved over several decades, with major improvements developed by its users. 

Significant advancements have centered around the stainless steel cathode technology in addition to the electrode handling equipment used in copper tankhouses. In conjunction with these developments, ISAKIDD Technology has formed a number of agreements with smaller, technology companies that have promising technologies of their own. ISAKIDD Technology works together with these companies to continually develop the technology allowing Glencore Technology to offer its customers the latest products on the market.